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Svenska Cellulosa AB (SCA, English: Swedish Cellulose Company) is a Swedish timber, pulp, and paper manufacturer with headquarters in Sundsvall. It has approximately 4,000 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 15.4 billion €1.6 billion. Its main products include many one-use paper products, publication papers, solid-wood products, pulp, and forest-based biofuel. SCA is Europe's largest private owner of forest land, with 2.6 million hectares, the size of North Macedonia. The global hygiene product company Essity was part of SCA until 2017. Recently, SCA has been caught in the crossfire as Greenpeace exposed its role in "wiping away"[ the Great Northern Forest and thereby its contribution to Global warming.

In September 2017, Angela Glienicke wrote a piece for the GREENPEACE website called ¨Tthe Great Northern Forest, owned by SCM¨  beauty and destruction¨ in which she shares some thoughts: “An aerial view shows logging operations in the forest between Våle and Revsund in Jämtland. The forest is owned by SCA, a former sister company of paper giant Essity. Essity buys wood pulp from SCA, which ends up in loo rolls from Velvet and Cushelle. Logs can be seen in a forest area owned by logging company SCA, a former sister company of tissue giant Essity. Essity buys the wood pulp from SCA, using it in paper products like Cushelle and Velvet. Logging operations can be seen in the SCA-owned forest between Våle and Revsund in Jämtland. Essity buys large quantities of wood pulp from former sister company SCA, using it in loo rolls like Velvet and Cushelle. View of forest between Bräcke and Ånge in Jämtland in Sweden. A Newly-logged SCA forest can be seen between Bräcke and Ånge in Jämtland in Sweden. The pulp is bought by tissue giant Essity and ends up in loo rolls like Velvet and Cushelle”


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Current Employee - Air Brush Sweeper says

"They don't care about the employees"

Current Employee - Warehouse Associate says

"Formerly Wausau Paper. Bought out by SCA. Restructuring has been a real pain. Hiring freeze for who knows how long. Currently trying to squeeze blood out of a rock by slashing $6 million from the Harrodsburg KY, Danville KY, and Middletown OH, facilities. This after cutting millions while under the Wausau flag."


"Management behaves badly and is allowed to continue acting inappropriately."

Former Employee - Director says

"Constant reorganizations, new managers on a regular basis mostly hired from other industries with inadequate experience and no exciting customer relationships. Little appreciation for employee tenure/experience. Delivered customer value not in proportion to price premium. Insufficient footprint with distributor partners and end-customers."

Executive Assistant says

"Lack of leadership Non motivated workforce Constant reorganizations"

Former Employee - Production says

"Long hours, lack of communication, management"

Management says

"Egotistical and dicator style leadership. I found their word to be no good and they dio not stand by their field management team. Those that survive tolerate a lot. It is very sad. Money is the only motivator along with servitude to some VP and SVP. Stay away from the legal team and most of HR."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Internally, it's obvious that how the PC business is being run is not working. We are being surpassed by most of our competitors in quality AND their market price is lower. Rather than improving manufacturing hardware to provide better costs and quality, we instead create an inferior product at too high a price. There seems to be no strategy for remaining relevant in the US."


"The culture is of the organization is to drive performance based on fear of retribution. This causes the employees to avoid conflict by keeping to themselves and as a result it is not a collaborative or friendly place to work. I have never experienced a company where so many people are so unhappy. The turnover rate is very high and often due to firing an individual with little or no feedback."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"Management stunk. Only concerned about themselves and how they were able to better their own position rather than help others."

Broom Truck Operator (Former Employee) says

"The LONGWOOD Florida location is an absolute mess. Do not work here, save yourself the headaches. Unprofessional management. Unsafe working conditions."

Sweeper/dump truck/crashtruck operato (Former Employee) says

"You start out at $13 an hour and you will stay at $13 an hour this company gives raises once a year supposedly they'll do anything they can not to give you a raise"

Preschool Teacher (Former Employee) says

"This job was perfect for me until I took on a small task that turned into more than I bargained for. This job is the kind of job that accommodates you not to grow nor have benefits but doing whatever they can to hush you up for the minute not work with you for the long run you can't exceed over 8.50 hourly here even with two years of being in the workplace"

Lider (Former Employee) says

"Multinacional com cabeça de empresa familiar. Gestores centralizadores e de difícil tato. Feed backs pouco consistentes e dificuldade em criar KPIs e metas consistentes. Empresa não investe em treinamentos de funcionários nem em ferramentas de gestão. Funcionários com pouca capacitação apagando incêndios. Corta cafezinho e demite operadores enquanto troca os Volvos dos diretores.Refeitorio no localGestão centralizadora e desnorteada"

Maquinista (Former Employee) says

"sca es una empresa mafiosa de empleados enchufados yo tuve el placer de trabajar 3 meses en Allo me hicieron la vida imposible .son unos racistas los que me hicieron la vida imposible empleados lanve culo..fumadores de media hora así va España con encargado mediocre...eso yo lo denuncie a Suecia .el que trabaja y demuestra y se parte el culo lo echan...y el lanve culo y fumadores empedernido a ese lo dejan y de paso fijo....que mafia del enchufe.....en Inglaterra si te ven asiendo eso te expulsan a trabajador y a encargado y asta el jefe de planta"

Mold Technician (Current Employee) says

"a typical day at work would be working in a very fast aced environment. The hardest part of my job is the long boring hourseasy jobshort breaks, lack of pay"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"From President, Plant Manager, HR Manager and Supervisors talk and treat members like a dog. Please never work here. This company doesn’t even deserve one star!! discrimination against black, and white employees. Don’t waste your time here. Members are blamed for not being trained, when you have to get training from co- workers. Insurance is extremely expensive. No stars!!"

Asembler (Former Employee) says

"This job sucked. They don’t show you how to do anything. They give you a piece of paper and expect you to learn like that. They leave you unattended, and without the proper material.Three breaksShort breaks"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"This company allows glass in their product and a cat went through one of the paper machines. The roll of paper was shipped out..Lazy peopleManagement/union in bed w/ one another."

CST (Part Time) says

"Hours are part time at best, there is zero job security, management constantly speaking badly of employees, crude language and conversation, huge turnover (good for part timers, like myself)."

Production Team leader (Current Employee) says

"The pay rate is to low the breaks too short team members need more training no togetherness in this company no more morale is very low here it's very hurtful to see things happen in this companyThe breaks are very short"

Production Manager Thatcham (Former Employee) says

"Very professional and always helped in career progression"

Assistante commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Malheureusement une manager et équipe dispersée. Aucune perspective d'évolution ni d'embauche . Un cadre pas très sain.Situation géagraphiqueL'équipe"

tecnico de contas (Current Employee) says

"tem uma rotina normal de trabalho por vezes algumas precoes. a prendi a rusa o pograma primavera e a reconceliar as contas bancarias, de fornecedores, clientes, e balancetes. tenho bons relacionamentos com os colegas sendo assim todos unidos. a parte mais dificil e o feicho de contas, e a parte agradavel e que tudo sempre termina bem porque a uma colaboracao entre os colegas de trabalho. quanto a gerencia nao e tao satisfatoria tem tido algumas oscilacoes. A empresa praticamente e como uma escol porque ela forma tecnicos de contas qualificados.refeicao na empresa"

Call Center Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Worked there almost a year. 3 manager changes in that short time. They do not care about work/life/family/medical/ mental health balance. It is stressful, micro managed and the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing so to speak. Constant changes, resulting in quality errors so you never reach bonus. It is a systematic approach to not let you succeed. Taking issues to management gets you no where. It is favoritism and back stabbing at its finest. When you know more than your direct manager you report to everyday does and she is intimidated by your knowledge base she will do everything she can to get rid of you. Including altering policies and guidelines specifically to you and making your life even more stressful than it already is in the work environment. Being at the end of the line in Rev Cycle dealing with all the other departments not doing their job effectively results in your 50 calls a day ending up being at least 75% of those irate patients that have been misinformed, or insurance information not accurate, not verified before time of service or accounts receivable not working a denial and putting it to pt responsibility. If other individuals did their job to the core values of the company it would be alot better place to work and management definitely needs to embrace the company core values as well. Wish I would have read the reviews for this company before accepting the position.n/athe entire company, from IV to AR to Pt call reps.....system needs an overhaul"

Lead Technician (Former Employee) says

"My supervisors were wonderful but that was the only good thing that I can recall about working at SCA. The plant floor is an out of control mess. The equipment is old and malfunctioning."

mercaderista (reemplazo) says

"el trabajo de mercaderista en si es entretenido por que la jornada laboral se hace nada el día se pasa volando porque no hay tiempo de para solo para almorzar lo bueno es que los jefes no están encima de uno pero si diariamente se envía información, la parte negativa pienso que es el hacer rutas muy extensas a diario y el pago mediante cheque enviado por chilexpress.horario flexiblerutas extensas y aveces demoras en el pago"

Medical Records Clerk (Former Employee) says

"My day was working with the Medical Records. I learned how to sort, prepare and scan the records into a program called SharePoint. The co-workers were very helpfull. There was nothing hard about the job because I have worked with files while I was in school. I enjoyed the position because I would be the one to handle the records to put in the electronic system.we would get snack days.breaks and no health insurance."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"Overworked, doing 2 jobs, only getting paid minimum amount for the type of job I had. No set work time, very unorganized. I learned to keep my composure how to multitask at a faster speed. I also learned how to weld and thinsulate which is a horrible job, but challenging. I learned how to do more than I thought I could bare.short breaks, hot as ever"

Electrician and Instrumentation Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"not the worst place to work and not the best. just a job that is always on the verge of another layoff or shutdown. obsolete plant that plans on closing when the newer plants are up to speed or demand declines again.a jobnot much of a job" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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